About Us

I love sharing my knowledge and passion for mosaics with others.  

My online site – Everything Mosaic - evolved from my successful workshops teaching the art of mosaic.  People kept asking for more and I couldn't let them down.  In order to support my past, present and future students as well as anyone else interested in exploring this wonderful art form I decided to provide a one stop shop for all their mosaic needs.  Everything you ever wanted to know about this wonderful art form.

I come from a teaching background and my passion for mosaic developed by wanting to explore different ways of expressing myself.  You could say I have always been “crafty” but had neither the time nor the confidence to try new things.  Teaching, my family and my garden were my creative outlets.

When I left teaching to explore other career options the one thing I dearly missed was the creativity and excitement of teaching.  I hadn't realised that such a big whole would be left in my life.  I needed a new creative outlet.

Mosaics came to the rescue.  When I discovered mosaics I was inspired by my success and by encouragement from family and friends.  My confidence and ability have continued to grow from strength to strength.

When creating I am taken into another world where all my attention is focused on the piece I am working on. When I am teaching I feel excited, invigorated and inspired by the fantastic unique art everyone in the class creates.  I love being able to share in the joy and satisfaction my students feel when they have completed their mosaic piece.

I hope you too find joy in creating mosaic art.