Bases and Tools


The Glass Wheeled Cutters are the ideal tool for cutting glass tiles into squares, rectangles and for nibbling into other shapes.

The Tile Nippers can be used on ceramic tiles, china and glass tiles.

The Tool Kit contains high quality stainless tools:  doubled sided curved pick, needle nose cross locking tweezers, fine point short tweezers and a doubled ended spatula.

The Adhesive and Grout Applicator Set includes a trowel, spreader, grout sponge and six craft sticks.

All my bases are hand cut from exterior plywood.

Although I use exterior plywood it is best if they are sealed to protect them from severe weather. Sealing with a diluted mixture of water and PVA will do the trick (4 parts water - 1 part PVA).  Or buy a specialised sealer from Mitre 10 or Bunnings.